Push to Walk is an organization that provides individualized workouts and resources to people with spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis to optimize current quality of life and to prepare for future medical advancements.

How We Got Started

John, Cynthia, and Darren Templeton Push to Walk opened its doors on January 15, 2007 in 1000 sq ft of leased space in Bloomingdale, NJ with three clients. The business was formed as a NJ nonprofit corporation. The founders, Cynthia & John Templeton, have a son, Darren, who sustained a C5 spinal cord injury (SCI) in July 2004. Upon completing traditional in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation therapy, Darren was looking for a way to improve and increase his abilities. Hiring a personal trainer and going to Project Walk in Carlsbad, CA multiple times was the beginning of the idea to start a similar program in New Jersey. After 18 months, Push to Walk outgrew its original space and moved to a 3500 sq ft facility in Riverdale, NJ.
Redefining a Healthy Lifestyle

Training methods used at Push to Walk focus on helping clients regain strength, function and independence.

When a person with a spinal cord injury wants to maintain good health and work to improve their day to day life, Push to Walk can help.

As a result of a commitment to a consistent exercise program, clients have experienced success in professional careers, adaptive sports and other interests. The entire staff at Push to Walk encourages clients to participate in any activity that they enjoy.

Push to Walk’s social activities offer individuals and families many opportunities to share information and resources. As a result, friendships are formed and camaraderie is established that help everyone better navigate the world of spinal cord injury.

“Push to Walk has been a life changing experience for our son.” - T.A.

Cynthia Templeton     Darren Templeton     John Templeton

As an experienced entrepreneur and administrator, Cynthia Templeton oversees the daily operation of Push to Walk. She is responsible for the accounting system, financial operations, marketing and publicity. She maintains on-going contact with clients and their families and is often the first one to speak with prospective clients.

Darren Templeton is involved with the overall business planning strategy, special projects and client contact. His input is invaluable as a founder and a client. Darren has helped with the website design, development of marketing materials and educational outreach. Check out the EWAF New York Warriors Quad Rugby Team and watch his videos on his youtube channel.

John Templeton is a successful salesman and entrepreneur who has owned his own computer business for 12 years. He assists with the overall operation, long term planning and strategy development