Our Gym

Redefining Strength

Push to Walk’s gym is a positive, uplifting environment designed to facilitate hard work and achieve desired results. This setting allows each client to work at his or her own pace and set stretch goals under the direction of professional trainers.

Workouts consist of strengthening the entire body and improving the core and balance. Focus is placed on identifying what the client CAN do, even though he or she might not be aware of it, and exercises are then designed to improve and maximize that ability.

Multiple mirrors help both the trainer and the client see and adjust posture alignment, positioning and range of motion. A large portion of our equipment can be purchased by our clients for use on their own at home or as part of our home training option. (TRAINING OPTIONS, CLICK HERE) (TO BUY EQUIPMENT, CLICK HERE) The facility's first floor is completely accessible with break room and separate accessible restrooms.

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