Our Program

Redefining Individual Potential

Push to Walk is a non-profit gym offering a specialized exercise program for people with spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and other neurological conditions including, but not limited to Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries and stroke.

Push to Walk offers very specific trainer aided exercises and activities, which has been termed “Activity Based Training.” Workouts help our clients get physically and emotionally healthy, so if and when a cure or treatment is found they are in the best condition.

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Each client receives an assessment of personal and individual abilities, strengths, and goals by a qualified professional. Exercise programs are individually designed and continually updated and improved to stay progressively challenging. Focusing not only on what an individual can do, but also on what they wish to do.

Through consistent weight bearing exercise routines and electric stimulus aided activities, a person with SCI and neurological conditions spends fewer days in the hospital, has a stronger cardiovascular system, and is actually developing increased motor functions. Functions they were not expected to regain after traditional therapy was completed.

Push to Walk’s trainers work very hard to promote confidence and inner strength in each client. They encourage everyone to identify and embrace a good work ethic so they may see improvements in their daily lives.

“My daughter is not only healthier and stronger but also happier and more self-confident as a result of
her one-on-one workouts at Push to Walk.” - S.C.

Our Philosophy

By redefining what is possible, Push to Walk’s goal is to help and ultimately improve the lives of those living
with a spinal cord injury and paralysis.

Using movement and a whole body approach to achieve health, wellness and fitness, Push to Walk is committed
to helping all clients reach a higher quality of life.

Research shows the many benefits of exercise for everyone, including people with physical disabilities.
This forms the basis for why Push to Walk strives to help people:

  • Maximize their physical health and well-being
  • Work toward and achieve optimal function and independence
  • Live life as fully and productively as possible

“ We don’t know who we are, until we see what we can do.” - Martha Grimes