Training Options

Regular training appointments:
This is the best training option if you live within a reasonable driving distance and would like to attend our program regularly. Appointments are scheduled one to three times per week and range between one and two hours each session. Here you will work one on one with our trainers who will design your workouts based on changes as they happen. Frequency and length of appointments are determined during your initial evaluation and depend on your individual needs, physical abilities and practical considerations. Hourly fee is $95.

Visiting or short-term training appointments:
If coming to our facility regularly is not practical because of distance, time or finances, consider one of the following options:

  • Plan a short-term visit where we can teach you exercises to do at home. We will work with you hands-on to determine what exercises are most appropriate for you, and then create a DVD of your exercises and a program manual to follow as a guideline. As you progress at home, follow up visits can be made to update your exercise program.

  • Hire a trainer who can work with you at home or at your local gym, and have us train your trainer to work with your specific needs. We will create a DVD and/or exercise program manual for your trainer to have as a reference guide.

We are willing to work together to try to meet your individual needs. Please call for more details regarding these and other possible training options. Fees would be based upon final determination of program and service needs.