Bianca Faith Johnson, J.D., Trustee

Bianca Faith Johnson is currently an adjunct professor for the City University of New York, primarily in the English and Business departments. In addition to Higher Education, Bianca has over ten years of experience teaching at the Junior High School level in several urban communities. She has also been involved with several non-profit organizations which range from, Athletic Parent Associations to housing programs for pregnant teens. Bianca has an extreme passion for sports, entertainment, and artists’ rights which was the catalyst for her obtaining her Juris Doctorate degree from Touro Law Center in Central Islip, New York. Bianca is also currently enrolled at Rutgers University School of Business, where she is pursuing her MBA in Strategic Leadership. Bianca was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2017 which left her paralyzed from the chest down. However, she did not allow it to break her spirits and has since spoken in front of thousands of people at several large conferences and events where she advocated for women’s rights and raised awareness for the Spinal Cord Injury Community. Bianca has been a client of Push to Walk since 2018 and believes, as a result, she has strengthened and improved tremendously. Follow her progress by searching #BiancaIsPushingToWalk on Instagram and Facebook.bfaithjohnson@gmail.com