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February 2020 Client of the Month, Ed!

Push to Walk’s February 2020 Client of the Month is Ed! Ed started at Push to Walk in 2014 and has made a lot of progress during the last few months. Recently, Ed agreed to change up his routine a bit and has been flourishing ever since! He has made progress with his sit to stands and squats on the Total Gym. Ed has begun walking with the Rifton where he is working on weight bearing and can now take independent steps with his left leg! He can take a few independent steps with his right leg, but currently fatigues quickly. Additionally, Ed has been using the device without his KFO’s (knee foot orthotics) and focusing on achieving knee flexion with each step. He continues to work on his upper body strength, core strength, balance, weight bearing and walking! Way to go, Ed!

January 2020 Client of the Month, Donna!

Push to Walk’s January 2020 Client of the Month is Donna! Donna started at Push to Walk in 2017 and has achieved so much over the last few months. Through use of the Xcite, Donna has experienced improved hand function and finger dexterity. She has advanced from needing gloves to grip the handles when walking with the LiteGait to being able to use the high walker without gloves and now has improved overall grasp. She has been doing so well with her walking that she recently purchased her own high walker to continue working on her walking at home. Donna has many goals for her journey at Push to Walk, including improved walking, strengthening her glutes, hip flexion, finger and wrist flexion and extension. We are so excited to see what the future has in store for Donna!!

December 2019 Client of the Month, Chris S.!

Push to Walk’s December 2019 Client of the Month is Chris! Chris has been training consistently at Push to Walk since January 2012. He wakes up early on Monday and Thursday mornings to be the first client in the gym. Chris works hard during the exercises, and often asks to do more reps to put in some extra work. The trainers have been focusing on developing more core strength, as well as facilitate more leg movement during walking. Chris has recently started using the Litegait Treadmill, walking upwards of 20 minutes at a time with the use of the harness system for support. Chris demonstrates significant strength during various exercises, most notably while doing back extensions, leg presses, and chest presses. Chris has also been working and improving on his seated balance, more than doubling his score on his last re-evaluation test! After the session, Chris spends 25 to 30 minutes cycling on the RT 200, pushing hard to get a solid cardio workout. In between sets, Chris likes to use his extensive music knowledge to quiz the training staff on trivia, asking everyone if they know which artist is playing on the radio at that moment.

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