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September 2019 Client of the Month, Erin!

Push to Walk’s September 2019 Client of the Month is Erin! Erin started at Push to Walk in 2017 and consistently comes in with a positive attitude and ready to work! Erin has been making great steps toward not hyperextending her knees while standing and walking. She continues to work on strengthening her glutes and hamstrings and is now able to preform glute bridges with minimal assistance. Additionally, Erin can now hold quadraped position for 2 minutes and has increased her core strength immensely! Awesome job, Erin!

August 2019 Client of the Month, Eddie!

Push to Walk’s August 2019 Client of the Month is Eddie! Eddie recently started working out with no AFO on his left foot. He is able to walk on an inclined treadmill and has increased the speed of his walking throughout the last 2 years.  He has improved his hip flexion and can now walk over hurdles or up steps more easily and is also able to walk on soft surfaces without falling. His balance has improved so much that he can confidently walk at home without his AFO as well.  For the first time this summer, Eddie walked on the sandy beach without a cane. He plans to return to the beach in September and try to walk without any walking aids. Additionally, he has been practicing relearning how to drive to gain more independence.  Way to go, Eddie!

July Client of the Month, Sean C.!

Push to Walk’s July 2019 Client of the Month is Sean C.! Sean always shows up to Push to Walk motivated and ready to workout. He often has physical or occupational therapy on the same days as his workouts but doesn’t let that stop him from giving it his all during his time here. Sean is currently working on his glute strength and hip stability with the hopes that it will transfer to his already strong walking ability. He can be found joking around with trainers and training staff in between his sets. Awesome Job Sean!

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