Client Bios

Celso S.

Client Name: Celso S.

Hometown: Elizabeth, NJ

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 11/21/09

Injury/Diagnosis: T6

Start Date: 10/25/11

Celso sustained his spinal cord injury in November 2009 while riding his motorcycle. It was a rare, mild weathered day and he jumped at the chance to get in one more ride before winter really set in. That day a driver ran a stop sign, crashing into him and forever changing his life. Celso says now that he wishes it was raining that day, in which case he would have never been on his bike.

Despite what doctors told him, he remained positive and maintained a good sense of humor while in the hospital. He believes his positive attitude, humor, and the support of family and friends got him through this difficult time in life. Every day is a new day though, some of which are still difficult.

After hearing about Push to Walk one day in October 2011 he was immediately interested and planned a visit for that same week. He wanted to have a specialized gym to work out in because there were very few machines he was able to use at a regular gym. During his visit he decided this was the right fit for him.

Celso comes to Push to Walk three times a week and works on his core and legs. Having only been here for three months, his workouts often change as trainers are deciding what works best for him. Since being at Push to Walk he says he has seen great improvements in his everyday life. He feels stronger overall, especially in his legs, and his balance has improved. Coming to Push to Walk has allowed him to regain some positivity.

In his free time Celso enjoys movies, music, and working out. For calming and relaxation purposes he finds that stretching and working out benefits him the most. At this time his main focus is his general well-being.

Celso is beginning to train for the May 6, 2012 NJ Marathon, which he will be participating in as a part of Team Push to Walk. In addition to his in gym workouts, he has been working on his arms and back at home to help him prepare.

Celso states that there is one positive outcome he has found from his injury: He has learned to never take life for granted.

Videos of Celso’s Progress: