Client Bios

Chris S.

Client Name: Chris S.

Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 09/20/06

Injury/Diagnosis: Traumatic Brain Injury

Start Date: 01/03/12

In September 2006 Chris was working towards his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech University. On September 20th he was driving home and ran into a tree. He was only about a ¼ mile away from home. Due to the accident Chris sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Chris and his parents believe they coped during this time of difficulty with the help of family, prayer and faith. They continue to focus on all of the good they see along the way. Chris says that he is still getting through it by working towards walking and focusing on getting better. Chris’ TBI has required more effort in getting to know people. “I feel less conscious of my own life and more dependent on others,” says Chris.

The decision was made to come to Push to Walk after speaking with a gentleman who used a wheelchair and was able to walk at the Abilities Expo. Push to Walk sounded exactly like what Chris wanted, exercise & strengthening to improve his walking and daily life. When he first began coming he attended workouts twice a week every other week, but now he comes once a week for an hour.

Push to Walk has helped Chris get up easier in the mornings and is able to sit up more independently. He also is able to eat on his own. Mike, Chris’ dad, says “Chris has more upper body strength and even the physical therapist he goes to sees improvement in Chris’ endurance and strength when working with him.”

In addition to coming to Push to Walk he also does physical, occupational, and cognitive therapies. He also attends osteopathic therapy sessions where a neurologist works on his neck and feet. He used to see a doctor in Connecticut for osteopathy every other month, but it was a long day in the car. Chris also attends Camp Care in Connecticut, which includes exercise, activities, painting with wheelchairs, and square dancing. Interns from Quinnipiac University help for the weekend.

Chris likes to listen to all types of music in his free time and enjoys puzzles and other games that are mentally challenging, playing video games and board games with friends. Chris would love to go back to school one day. For now he stays relaxed, positive, and calm, which is a characteristic not often found in those with similar injuries. His sense of humor remains intact stating that life is “just groovy.”