Client Bios

Christan Z.

Client Name: Christan Z.

Hometown: Port Chester, NY

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 7/07/93

Injury/Diagnosis: C6-7

Start Date: 04/15/07

Christan was 10 years old and a huge tomboy. She loved playing all kinds of sports and was always outside. However, she sustained a spinal cord injury in a diving accident, and she felt like she instantly became an adult. She never got to finish the rest of her childhood. Being so young at the time of her injury, Christan had a lot of support. At the time, she didn’t realize the severity of her injury and what it would mean for the future.

A best friend from the day they met has always believed that Christan would walk again, and still believes it to this day. Christan believes she’s where she is today partly because of that friend and her own persistence. Her family and friends have provided the backbone to keep her strong. She is grateful for the support they provide to her every single day. Without them, she wouldn’t be able to do what she does, have what she has or be as strong. Combined with her spirituality and belief in the power of prayer, Christan is guided by many powerful forces.

Christan attended Iona College for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Public Relations. She enjoys working out and learning about health and nutrition. She’s very active, goes out and does lots of things with her friends, swims, goes to the beach and loves to read. She is currently taking driving lessons and hopes to be driving soon. Christan recently moved into a new house with her family that is 100% accessible.

Christan co-founded Team Fight to Walk with her best friend Pro Boxer Boyd Melson. Boyd donates 100% of his fight purses to spinal cord injury research and clinical trials.

Push to Walk trainers work with Christan on standing, hands/knees, core strength and balance. She enjoys using all the different machines at the gym, and feels that she has made tremendous progress in standing, balance and body awareness. Christan recently completed 60 sessions at the Neuro Recovery Network program at Kessler Institute in West Orange, NJ. She wishes that the study protocol was available to all people with spinal cord injuries, not just a select few.

Being at Push to Walk with other people in similar situations has helped Christan realize that there is definitely a lot more out there to do. She enjoys the social activities and camaraderie that the gym offers to all those who work out there.