Client Bios

Gage S.

Client Name: Gage S.

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 05/06/12

Injury/Diagnosis: T-1 and Compression of C-6 / C-7

Start Date: 10/04/12

Before his accident, Gage was very active and worked between sixty and seventy hours a week as a diesel mechanic. He enjoyed physical and outdoor activities, like riding his quad and working on cars. In May of 2012 Gage was riding an ATV when it suddenly rolled over and compressed his C-6 and C-7 vertebrae. At that point, Gage’s life had completely changed and he needed the support from his family and friends now more than ever. The support provided to him, his inner strength, and positive mindset helped him get through this trying time. Gage is appreciative of the help he has received and realizes how important a strong support system is.

After his injury, Gage went to Kessler and found his time there helpful, but not exactly what he wanted. Looking for the next step in recovery he found Push to Walk. According to Gage, Push to Walk is the only place he is really able to get a good workout and is great at helping him work towards his goals.

Gage works out one-on-one with a trainer at Push to Walk twice a week and comes in for an additional RT600 session. While at Push to Walk, Gage works on weight bearing and walking. He also focuses on strengthening his core and upper body workouts. Push to Walk has helped Gage have more energy during daily activities and increase his overall strength. Gage also credits Push to Walk for giving him emotional strength in the form of hope, and the determination to continue to work harder each session. His workouts have become something he looks forward to.

In his free time, Gage enjoys going to the movies with friends and spending time with his girlfriend. He is also searching for other activities he might enjoy. Gage finds happiness in surrounding himself with friends he has made at Push to Walk.

Gage’s injury has given him a new perspective on life, and has realized that he is still the same person on the inside no matter what his physical limitations might be.