Client Bios

Gary B.

Client Name: Gary B.

Hometown: Congers, NY

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 8/6/13

Injury/Diagnosis: C5 C6 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Start Date: 3/14/14

During the summer of 2013, Gary was playing around with friends when he dove into the Hudson River. This single act caused Gary to sustain a C5 C6 incomplete spinal cord injury.

Gary was able to get through this difficult time by surrounding himself with friends and family. He says he had constant support from everyone around him at all times. Gary first heard of Push to Walk through a friend who knew another Push to Walk client. After connecting with the Push to Walk client, Gary decided to give Push to Walk a try. He says Push to Walk is the best available option after physical therapy to continue SCI recovery.

Gary works out at Push to Walk 3 times per week for 2 hours each session. He mainly focuses on functional movements, sitting balance, transfers and learning the tools for independence. When Gary first came to Push to Walk, he was not able to transfer, drive, or sit balanced for more than 10 seconds. Since coming here, he can now transfer and drive, sit balanced, his reach has improved, including overhead reaches, which he could not do before. He says he feels stronger overall and has an easier time doing everyday things. In addition to Push to Walk, Gary also works out at a traditional gym twice a week to continue strength training on his own.

Gary speaks highly of Push to Walk and says the trainers here encourage you to push yourself beyond limitations. He says there is a sense of community among clients and staff members are available to provide various resources on many needs of the SCI/paralysis community. When comparing Push to Walk to traditional physical therapy, Gary says “Push to Walk is completely geared to the paralysis community, where as physical therapy centers treat patients for a wide variety of diagnosis such as a knee replacement or joint mobility. The trainers here are filled with knowledge to specifically train clients with paralysis. “

Outside of Push to Walk, Gary enjoys spending as much time as he can with friends and living a normal life.