Client Bios

Jim L.

Client Name: Jim L.

Hometown: Waldwick, NJ

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 03/16/02

Injury/Diagnosis: C4-5

Start Date: 04/21/07

Jim was working in New York City doing back-office computer programming when he was in a subway accident. He sustained a C4-5 spinal cord injury in the accident, leaving him paralyzed.

He comes to Push to Walk once a week to walk on the treadmill, ride the bike, stand at the power plate, do squats at the bar, and work on stretching. He says that he likes coming to Push to Walk because the trainers are always willing to try something new with him, they are skilled at overcoming any obstacles during his workouts, and they push him harder than most other therapy programs do. Each visit, the trainers are able to adapt his workout to match what he is able to do that day, since he says his abilities can change from minute to minute. In addition to coming to Push to Walk, Jim also visits another gym once a week and does some exercises on his own at home.

Jim likes to take advantage of every opportunity he can, so he is always interested in trying something new or going somewhere interesting. He likes to read, spend time with his friends, see shows in the city, and go on spur-of-the-moment road trips. He occasionally encounters transportation problems, but he tries to not let that stop him from having fun. For example, he recently went canoeing in Delaware with some friends where he had a lot of fun.

Videos of Jim’s Progress: