Client Bios

Justin T.

Client Name: Justin T.

Hometown: Springfield Gardens, NY

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 0/21/11

Injury/Diagnosis: T9

Start Date: 02/21/12

Justin is an optimistic and motivated young man who sustained his spinal cord injury when caught in a random shooting leaving a Sweet 16 party in Queens, NY on October 21st, 2011. He and a group of friends were approached by two males and the next thing he knew the entire group was running in different directions, including himself. Justin fell to the ground, tried to get up, but could not. A bullet grazed his spinal cord paralyzing him from the waist down.

He believes he got through this difficult time by keeping a positive attitude and by receiving tremendous support. Justin’s family is his greatest support, but also his community and his high school. Prior to the shooting he was a promising athlete on the school soccer team and a member of the basketball team. At the time of his accident, the soccer season was in full swing and his team continued to play with winning for him in mind.

Justin’s mother learned about Push to Walk from someone in her work building whose child also works out here. Justin decided to come to Push to Walk because he has the desire to get better and get back on his feet. He attends workouts three times a week where he concentrates on motion and whole body exercises. Balance and standing are also a big part of his workouts and he can feel himself gaining small motions he did not have before and that he is slowly getting stronger especially in his legs. “It’s the little improvements, but they can make such big differences,” says Justin. He remains positive with hopes of walking again.

In addition to his Push to Walk workouts, Justin is participating in the Neuro Recovery Network at Kessler Institute in West Orange. In his free time he enjoys watching sports on television especially track and basketball. He also spends a lot of time hanging out with his friends. He looks forward to becoming more independent and attending college.