Client Bios

Kelly C.

Client Name: Kelly C.

Hometown: South Hackensack, NJ

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 06/18/06

Injury/Diagnosis: C6

Start Date: 03/27/07

Kelly Chinchar is a self proclaimed “go with the flow” kind of girl. She takes what is thrown at her, and tries to live her life as fully as possible. In the summer of 2006, Kelly had just completed her freshman year of college at Rutgers University. During her first year at school, she was a member of the club field hockey team. Although she had not declared her major, Kelly knew she wanted to teach. However, that summer, she obtained a C6 level injury at age nineteen after diving into an above ground pool.

She spent about three months at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation after her injury, followed by out-patient physical and occupational therapy. However, due to her poor blood pressure, she wasn’t permitted to stand. Kelly knew that she wanted more than what she was being offered, and that’s when she turned to Push to Walk. She is now capable of standing at a bar and balancing on her own. In addition, her posture has been greatly improved. Her workouts include pretty much everything the program has to offer, especially stretching because of the tightness in her legs.

Push to Walk has not only been helpful to Kelly physically, but emotionally as well. She explains that every day here is an experience—mainly because everyone is so helpful and light-hearted. Since joining, Kelly has started taking lessons to learn how to drive a modified vehicle and has decided that she would like to transfer to Ramapo College once she can drive. She is also working part time and enjoys participating in Push to Walk’s social activities and spending time with trainers and other clients outside of the gym.

Kelly continues to keep a positive attitude and look for inspiration wherever she can find it. To date, one of the most influential people in her life is a man she met while in rehab. He lost both of his legs due to meningitis and had twelve children. She realized that he was worse off than she was, but was still a very happy man. She continues to keep in touch with him today!

Videos of Kelly’s Progress: