Client Bios

Mike T.

Client Name: Mike T.

Hometown: Monmouth Beach

Injury/Diagnosis Date: 04/24/03

Injury/Diagnosis: T-10

Start Date: 09/01/10

Mike T. grew up in Ithaca, NY and studied business at Cornell University. In 2003 he was selling software to colleges and universities for Blackboard, Inc., where he had been working for 6 months after Blackboard hired him away from one of its competitors. He was married with one daughter and a son on the way, and he was travelling frequently for his job. Then in April he was injured in an ice hockey accident where he sustained a spinal cord injury while he was playing with a few of his friends.

For a while he did not do anything for his injury, preferring instead to spend time with his family while he was not working. He continued to work for Blackboard but he travelled less and for shorter distances- to places he was able drive himself to.

Now that he is single again, he has decided to do more for himself. He comes to Push to Walk once a week to ride the FES bike, work on core strengthening, and build muscles. He says he wants to get what he currently has functioning as strong as possible and that he wants to “look good for the ladies” now that he is back on the market. He says that coming to Push to Walk is good for him because he enjoys the exercise, he feels like he is doing something to better himself, and he likes the people who work with him.

He also regularly sees a chiropractor, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist. For fun he coaches hockey and baseball for his son’s teams, plays golf regularly, and spends as much time as he can with his son and daughter.