Push To Walk


​A Blank Canvas Along the Walking Track

Upon moving into our new space, we were greeted by a vast, empty wall lining our walking track. Recognizing its potential as a blank canvas, we enlisted the talent of a professional. Allow us to introduce Keirsten, the mastermind behind it all!

Meet the Talented Keirsten!

Keirsten’s journey into the world of art was deeply influenced by her upbringing surrounded by creativity. With both parents being artists, her mom a watercolor artist, and her dad a creative director at a graphic design company, she was immersed in various forms of art from a young age. Her formal education in graphic design and fine art at Rowan University further honed her skills, leading her to pursue her passion!

The Process

Regarding the production of the mural, Keirsten explained her meticulous process. Starting with thumbnail sketches to perfect the composition, she then used her iPad and Apple pencil to create the preliminary design. Transferring the design onto the wall required innovative techniques, including using a projector and tracing, as well as a thumbtack and string for precise circle placement. Once the design was in place, Keirsten dove into the painting process, mixing colors and bringing the mural to life, her favorite part!

A Deeper Connection

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Keirsten has a personal connection to Push to Walk. Her husband, Darren, is not only a client but also a co-founder of the organization. This connection adds an extra layer of meaning to her work, highlighting the importance of community and collaboration in both art and life.

Now, as our clients traverse the walking track, they’re greeted not by a blank expanse, but by Keirsten’s vibrant masterpiece. The mural serves not only as a visual delight but also as a source of inspiration and joy for all who encounter it. Its presence enhances the atmosphere of our space, fostering a sense of community and creativity. Thank you, Keirsten!