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In July 2004, Darren Templeton, then age 18, sustained a C5 spinal cord injury after diving into shallow water at the Jersey Shore. Cynthia Templeton, who co-founded Push to Walk with her son Darren in 2007, chronicled her journey and Darren’s in addressing what she calls “the challenging and sometimes frightening world of spinal cord injury.” Her goal in sharing her experience is to help others who are looking for resources and assistance in determining how best to support a family member or friend who has paralysis or another neuromuscular condition. Be sure to read the section entitled “One Family’s Personal Story of a Spinal Cord Injury,” which is a compilation of e-mails sent out as things were happening with Darren’s injury and care.

Cynthia’s story and advice are both practical and inspirational.

The Templeton’s Story – Overview

Written by Cynthia Templeton in 2012.

Cynthia is the mother of Darren, age 18 when he sustained a C5 spinal cord injury after diving into shallow water at the Jersey Shore, off the family boat, on July 23, 2004.

Thank you for having an interest in our story. I hope that some of what I share can be helpful to others facing a similar journey in this new, challenging and sometimes frightening world of spinal cord injury (SCI).

Please keep in mind that this is only our story, and is not meant, by any means, to be a definitive, authoritative guide to SCI. Another’s story may be totally different, and that is completely understandable. No two stories and situations are alike. What happened to us may or may not have happened to someone else. What worked for us may or may not help someone else.

I have written about these topics for a few reasons. First, I enjoy writing. Second, I have found writing about these experiences to be a kind of healing process, helping me recall what happened, what we did, and what I’ve learned. Third, and the reason most of you are reading this right now, is to help others who have found themselves or a loved one or a friend facing spinal cord injury. What can I do? What do I need to do? Who can help? I hope some of my writings can help you in some way, and is my way of “paying it forward.”

Coming Soon

The Templeton’s inspiring story will be captured here in full in the coming weeks. Please check back here to share their experiences and learn from their incredible journey.

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