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The Push to Walk Difference

Push to Walk is a specially equipped nonprofit gym located in Montvale, NJ that offers physical rehabilitation and resources to people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders. 

Push to Walk’s Activities-Based Trainers work 1-on-1 with the client for the entirety of the session. Push to Walk’s gym is a positive and uplifting environment designed to facilitate hard work for a client’s desired results. This setting allows each client to work at his or her own pace and set goals under the direction of professional trainers. Our facility is completely accessible for all clients. PTW maintains an ongoing dialogue with the medical community, researchers, and academics.

A Push to Walk client stands with the help of specialized equipment and his trainer
A Push to Walk trainer works with a smiling woman in the gym

Individualized Physical Rehabilitation

Each client receives an assessment of personal and individual abilities, strengths, and goals by a qualified professional. Exercise programs are individually designed and continually updated and improved to stay progressively challenging. 

They focus not only on what individuals can do, but also on what they wish to do.

Total Well-Being

Research shows the many benefits of exercise for everyone, including people with physical disabilities. This forms the basis for why Push to Walk strives to help people:

  • Maximize their physical health and well-being. 
  • Work toward and achieve optimal function and independence. 
  • Live life as fully and productively as possible.

Through consistent weight-bearing exercise routines and electric stimulus-aided activities, a person with paralysis spends fewer days in the hospital, has a stronger cardiovascular system, and actually develops increased motor functions. 

A trainer helps a client exercise on a mat at the Push to Walk gym
A Push to Walk trainer works with a woman on hand strength

Expert Trainers

Push to Walk’s trainers work hard to promote confidence and inner strength in each client. They encourage everyone to identify and embrace a good work ethic so they may see improvements in their daily lives. We complement our workouts with social programs and community events to keep our clients involved and motivated.

Meet our Clients

Each of our clients has their own unique story to tell. Get to know them and take a look at them in action on our YouTube page.

See Our Inspirational Clients in Action

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Happy Push to Walk client regaining mobility.

Scholarships make it possible.

Many of our clients cannot afford the life-changing care they receive. Our scholarship program makes it possible.

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