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Phone: 201-644-7567
Fax: 201-644-7568

100 Bauer Drive
Oakland, NJ 07436
Bergen County

Kate Wolfe - Executive Director

Hope Edelman - Bookkeeper

Ariana Hawkins - Program Director

Julia Swajger - Communications & Development Assistant

Vivian Kiggins - Grant Writer

Cynthia Templeton - Founder & Community Partnerships Coordinator

Darren Templeton - Co-Founder & Client Ambassador

Karla Ruaya - Neuro Exercise Trainer

Tiffany Warren - Neuro Exercise Trainer

Kyle Cooper - Neuro Exercise Trainer

Brittany Smith - Neuro Exercise Trainer

Ashley Pauley - Neruo Exercise Trainer

Deanna Pepe - Neuro Exercise Trainer

Matt Lasky - Neuro Exercise Trainer & Education Manager