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Push To Walk


A Tribute to Founding Board Trustee, Joe Ragno

*Thoughts and kind words shared by Push to Walk Founder, Cynthia Templeton

Joe Ragno has been a very close friend to me, my husband and our family for many decades. He was part of every aspect of our lives, starting as our lawyer and becoming a dear friend.

Over the years, we got to know his wife Theresa and enjoyed many good times and fun activities together. We watched their daughter Jessica grow up, get married and become a successful lawyer in her father’s footsteps. She and her husband gave Joe two beautiful grandsons who were the light of his life.

When our kids were young, we went to many NJ Devils hockey games together. Those were some of the best memories of spending time together. Joe and Theresa watched both Darren and Ari grow up and saw both of them get married. They saw Ari figure skate and saw Darren play hockey. Joe even watched them ski race. One year, they took Darren to Utah for a ski vacation. Joe and Theresa are family to us.

After Darren’s injury, on one of only 2 weekends home in 4 months, Joe and Theresa came to spend time with me. They brought me an entire Italian dinner, complete with a fine bottle of Chianti that I still remember. So when we started thinking about forming Push to Walk, it was only natural that Joe got involved. He attended the very first meetings – conversations, really – and helped us formulate a plan. His help was invaluable, not only from a legal standpoint, but because he truly cared about Darren, about all of us and wanted to help. He was “all in” right from the start. Push to Walk and our clients have all benefited from his leadership and generosity. As a Founding Board Member, Joe set the stage for our very existence. I will be forever grateful for his belief in me and the cause of serving people with paralysis.

Joe was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend. When Joe spoke, he spoke from the heart. He was genuine. He was special. He will be greatly missed by many. Rest in peace, my friend.