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Push To Walk


For PTW Clients with Spinal Cord Injuries, Fitness is a Lifelong Commitment

Exercising and getting physically fit are typically at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions
for many people I know. But for people who come to Push to Walk (PTW), a gym for individuals
with spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis, it is more than a resolution– it is a lifelong

Since I began working at PTW a few months ago, I have already witnessed how our clients
embrace the challenge of improving their overall fitness and health. I had the chance to catch up
with two PTW clients to find out what inspires their workout. Here is what I learned…

PTW Physical Fitness and Therapy

Taking the Leap

Marge has Transverse Myelitis which is inflammation of the spinal cord and nervous system.
She came to PTW in July 2016 after a close friend, who is also a PTW client, introduced her to
the organization. Marge was hesitant at first since working out had “never been her thing,” but
eventually decided that she could not get any stronger without it. To Marge’s surprise (and
relief), PTW workouts were so much more than she expected: “Even when I am unmotivated, I
always leave knowing I’ve accomplished something.”

Ed, another long-term PTW client, sustained a spinal cord injury after a biking accident. He
joined PTW in December of 2014 after spending time in an outpatient physical therapy program.
Although he was getting stronger in his outpatient program, nothing compared to being in a real
gym, something that had always been important to him. He discovered PTW when our founder,
Cynthia Templeton, came to one of his support groups and talked about how PTW focuses on
the unique needs and goals of individuals with spinal cord injuries. Ed knew this sounded
perfect for him and he has not looked back.

PTW Energy is Contagious

Push to Walk (PTW) clients all share the same aspiration of gaining strength and mobility.
However, since our clients vary in age and abilities, our trainers work diligently to provide the
best customized workout to help each individual reach their unique goal.
Something incredibly special and unique to PTW is the energy and positivity that stems from the
trainers and aides. Marge and I discussed how beneficial it is for clients to receive one-on-one
training with both a trainer and an aide.

As Marge mentioned, and I can attest, the trainers have a positive approach and remain upbeat
throughout their workout sessions. Marge emphasized that PTW has “lived up to the hype.” Ed
agreed that his trainers’ and aides’ contagious energy gets him through his weekly sessions: “I
love getting to work with young, energetic trainers and aides who obviously love their work.”

Customized Workouts Exceed Expectations

Both Marge and Ed came to PTW with the expectation that they would get stronger. Each had
distinct reasons for coming but both attest that PTW has helped them exceed their individual
goals. In addition to receiving their individualized workouts since starting, they have also built
relationships with other clients and staff members and have been driven to achieve their highest
level of physical fitness. They leave feeling motivated and stronger after every session!