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Push To Walk


October 2019 Client of the Month, Margaret!

Push to Walk’s October 2019 Client of the Month is Margaret! When Margaret began at Push to Walk in May of 2019, her initial sessions were confined to the table as her left leg was weaker than her right. She attempted walking and made it about 10 steps before her legs were shaking and she was short of breath. As weeks went on, her confidence grew along with her strength. She began to channel the power of her mind into the far reaches of her limbs. Only a few, short months later… Margaret, with the assistance of the GHS (one of Push to Walks wheeled assisted-walking devices), is walking up to 6, sometimes 8 lengths, of the Track which is roughly 75 feet long. She no longer requires use of her inhaler, which at times had to be used 3-5 times per session. She is on her feet for the entire session, taking her rest breaks in standing position, and has even begun to initiate her own ‘high-knee stepping’ and weight shifts, finding her own, autonomous comfort on her feet. Every session, she becomes more alert and smiles often, seeming to be fully aware of her progress and accomplishments. Way to go, Margaret!