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Push To Walk


PTW Recognizes MS Awareness Month With a Client Spotlight

PTW Recognizes MS Awareness Month With a Client Spotlight

In honor of MS awareness month, we’re shining a spotlight on PTW’s specialized workout plans for Multiple Sclerosis patients featuring one of our former (and favorite) clients, Debby. Debby learned about Push to Walk from her physical therapist and neurologist and became an active client member for five years before moving from the area. PTW continues to hold a special place in her heart. She told us why in a recent interview.

Push to Walk has been working with individuals with MS, as well as individuals with other mobility challenges, for over a decade. We understand that each person’s experience and challenges are different. Some people with MS have minimal symptoms while others have more significant neurological challenges. However, in every situation, keeping in shape physically is an important priority. New treatment advancements and technologies can help to slow the progression of the disease and being physically fit will ensure that patients are better candidates for these therapies. Debby stated that coming to PTW got her spirit and her muscles “firing”.

Push to Walk clients and event participants smiling on a green golf course
Customized Workouts Keep MS Clients Active

“The creativity of the staff is something I’ve always admired. They knew exactly what kind of activities to do for those with neurological disorders while keeping the workouts unique and fun,” Debby emphasized. “I was introduced to exercises I had never done before, such as using a harness to be able to walk on the treadmill.”

Safety was another key reason Debby trained at PTW. She told us she always felt very safe as PTW provides both a trainer and an aide for each workout.

She felt motivated from watching others who were in a similar position work hard and often doing so with a smile on their faces. “It was a very positive environment that I looked forward to each training session,” she told us. “The trainers and aides cheered me on every step of the way during my journey at Push to Walk. As result, I improved my strength and flexibility.”

From Client to Board Member

After spending some time at Push to Walk, Debby became the first client to serve on PTW’s Board of Trustees and gave the board insight into the training needs and concerns of the MS community, among other clients.

She was on the board for six years and was instrumental in developing the PTW Scholarship Committee to help those who may not be able to pay for training sessions on their own.

PTW Brings People Together in More Ways Than One

Debby explained that for her and others with MS, it is very important to keep yourself strong, both physically and mentally. “PTW helped me do this and much more,” stated Debbie. “They challenged me to try new exercises and workouts while understanding my unique limitations.” The result? Debby is regularly involved in sports, participating in adaptive tennis and adaptive sled hockey.

“Push to Walk opened the door to new activities for me that I never thought were possible with MS,” emphasized Debby. “It gave me a positive outlook on life. I try to share this enthusiasm with others who have MS.”