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PTW Showcases its Program at the 2022 Abilities Expo

PTW Showcases its Program at the 2022 Abilities Expo
Connects with Others Serving the Paralysis Community
Last week I attended my first-ever Abilities Expo at the NJ Convention Center with several of my Push to Walk colleagues. The Abilities Expo presents attendees with new game-changing technology, products, services, and education for individuals in the paralysis community and their families. As a newer member of the Push to Walk team and a novice to the trade show and conference world, I had heard a lot about this expo and was excited to “take it all in.” To say it was a great learning experience is an understatement. It was so much more than that.

Abilities Expo 2022
Here are just a few of the highlights:

Growing our Community

So many inspiring people stopped by our booth – many of whom were in wheelchairs, all with unique and personal stories and diagnoses. Family members and friends also came by looking for ways to help their loved ones live a better quality of life. There were lots of engaging conversations about the specialized equipment, trainers, and programs that PTW offers for individuals who are paralyzed, recovering from a stroke, MS, Cerebral Palsy and other conditions that impact their mobility. Some potential clients stopped by with medical diagnoses that we currently do not serve at PTW, like Spina Bifida. But with the help of the Spina Bifida Association of Northeastern New York, who was exhibiting a few booths down, we hope we can work with these clients in the future.

Gathering Resources

We also met representatives of some extraordinary organizations that will assuredly help us expand our resources and knowledge. As a result, we have some exciting opportunities to better serve our clients. We have arranged for individuals from “Help Hope Live” to come tour Push to Walk and explain how their organization can help our clients pay for medical expenses currently not covered by insurance. During the expo we also met the founders of Velo Chair, who let us try out the chair and take it for a spin around the convention center. They will be bringing one to PTW for our clients to experience in the beautiful summer months ahead.

Abilities Expo 2022
Discovering New Technology

I was amazed at the level of technology and innovation highlighted at the expo. I witnessed so much that can help our clients, such as the Foldable Scooters. These Scooters are high-tech and easily folded for transport. For our clients that are interested in new ways to participate in sports, Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports offers a variety of programs and specialized equipment to get everyone out on the slopes! Additionally, the Zeen specialized wheelchair helps keep the user’s center of gravity like a wheelchair but keeps you active like a rollator would and is easy to compact.

A Common Goal

Everyone we met at the expo from the attendees and their families to the different organizations and vendors shared the same goal: to identify resources to ensure that individuals in the paralysis community have the best opportunities to live a better quality of life. I look forward to applying this knowledge and bringing it back to PTW and our clients.