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Discover the Life-Changing Benefits of Robotic Exoskeletons for People with Neurological Impairments

NEW Robotic Devices

Push to Walk offers the latest technology to our clients as part of our mission to enhance mobility and expand the potential of people with neurological impairments. We currently offer the Ekso and Indego exoskeletons. These robotic devices enable people with all different abilities to be upright and walking! 

The Best Day!

Push to Walk client, Stefan who sustained a C3-C4 spinal cord injury in 2017 after a falling  accident, got into the robot for the first time and here are his thoughts.
 “This past Friday, I walked in the Ekso for 28 minutes. That was the best 28 minutes I’ve had since I fell 7 years ago. The Ekso got me up, vertical walking for almost 300 steps, getting my body to move the way it used to before my fall. The best part about this apparatus is that it had a lingering effect. In other words, I benefited not just from the exercise, but from the fact that my spasms for the next 24 hours were greatly reduced. With no spasms at night, I got the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. So, it was the thrill of seeing myself walking upright again, the joy it brought to all the people around me who have gotten me through this injury and the lasting physiological change that I have experienced, which make me so grateful to Push to Walk for introducing The Ekso into my life.”
Take a look at Stefan!

Stefan using Ekso robotics for help with neurological impairment.

A One-of-a-Kind Workout

Another client, Erika who suffered a Arteriovenous Malformations due to a stroke in 2019 also took her turn in the Robot! I asked her what her favorite part about her time in the Ekso was.

Her response-

“I really liked how it was helping me with my gait pattern and in my experience, it almost felt at some points like I was walking in water. I felt the burn, it was a great workout. When I got out of the robot, I felt more confident in my steps and even the trainers noticed the difference. I really encourage people to give it a try!”

Erika using Ekso Robotics for Neurological Impairment

Try the Ekso Robots like Erika Did

We are hopeful of getting as many individuals as possible in the Robots to give them the chance to feel the way Stefan and Erika did!

These devices can help with:

  1. Skin pressure relief

  2. Increased circulation and blood flow in the lower extremities

  3. Increased quality of life

  4. Decreased spasticity

  5. Increased range of motion

  6. Overall wellness

If you want to get up and out of your wheelchair, or improve your current gait, please call to set up an appointment for your free evaluation. Our team will determine which robotic device might be best for you to walk in during your FREE evaluation.


INDEGO: https://eksobionics.com/ekso-indego-therapy/