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Push To Walk


Xcite(ing) New Equipment at Push to Walk

After much anticipation, Push to Walk (PTW) welcomed the Restorative Therapies (RTI) Xcite Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Clinical Station to its list of state-of-the-art equipment. The arrival of the Xcite adds to PTW’s collection of RTI devices with its already existing RT300 FES Bike, RT200 FES Recumbent Elliptical, and RT600 Step and Stand with fully integrated FES. FES is therapeutically very beneficial because individual muscles are physically contracting while completing a movement. This helps retrain the nervous system while also leading to improved muscle mass, bone density, blood circulation, and skin integrity thus improving the quality of workouts.

Unique to RTI’s other devices, the Xcite can target muscles of the upper body (shoulder, arm, forearm) in the proper sequential manner to complete functional tasks. Reteaching muscles tasks such as those to help increase independence such as grasping a cup off of a table, gripping a pen, or brushing your teeth. Previous devices do not have the ability to provide electrical stimulation in such a precise way, focusing on fine motor skills. In a survey of individuals with spinal cord injuries published in the American Journal of Applied Psychology, those with quadriplegia prioritized regaining arm/hand function as the number one priority ahead of bowel/bladder improvement, walking, pain reduction, autonomic dysreflexia reduction, and sexual function. The addition of the Xcite to workouts, gives PTW the best chance to help encourage such improvements.

On Tuesday, May 7th Push to Walk cleared its regular schedule to have RTI Clinical Representative, Gabriella Stiefbold, OTR, ATP hold an all-day training for staff to learn about the device and prepare to safely use in future workouts. Training included overview of the Xcite system as well as hands-on demonstrations with a few of PTW’s current clients.

For more information about the Xcite, visit RTI’s website. Interested in incorporating FES into your workouts? Speak with your trainer to determine if it’s an option for you. Not currently a PTW client and want to learn more? Contact Kate Wolfe at kwolfe@pushtowalknj.org to schedule a tour and start the process of becoming a PTW client.